The Mission

Over the past 8 years Composer, Producer and Vocalist Dannis Winston has ascended to the upper echelon of the event industry as one of it's most sought after young vocalists and bandleaders. He currently has 8 different bands under his employ in the Northeast region and is actively expanding his roster in multiple markets nationally and internationally. His experience as a bandleader working successfully with this industry's top tiered planners has given him a unique perspective on what high end corporate and wedding clients are looking for in musical talent for their events.

DWP is a unique resource for agencies and planners alike who need a turnkey conduit to the hottest, most talented young musicians in the game. Serving as an artist development and performance coaching entity, DWP focuses on molding young performers to excel in the highly competitive event industry while also nurturing and developing their commercial aspirations for them to compete in the mainstream music industry as well. Transforming today's top event talent into the stars of tomorrow.